Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Year Anniversary

 It's been exactly two years since I had open-heart surgery. The road to recovery was long and hard, but thanks to determination and great medical care I claimed victory. I'm still taking heart meds, much to my dislike. I'll need to wear a heart monitor 24/7 during the month of April to determine if I can discontinue the medication. The following was posted on 2/20/12, the night before surgery which fell on Mardi Gras day. I was trying to hide my fears. My expected seven-day hospital stay stretched to eighteen due to complications.

Twenty-two years after leaving New Orleans some things still stick, so me and my Mardi Gras beads will head to the hospital at 4:30 tomorrow, Mardi Gras morning, but there will be no parades and debauchery for me.This is my last post before they cut open my heart. If I do have extra time before I walk out the door in the morning, I will use it to stand in front of a mirror to admire my d√©colletage because it will never look the same again. I'm hoping the doctor can make the scar look like cleavage. I want to cry. I so want to cry. Really, someone should tell me to put on my big girl panties and stop whining about this when there are far worse things. Some people lose limbs.Women lose their breasts. Some people completely lose their minds and never find them again. I need to gain some perspective on this whole thing. Well anyway, this is my last post for quite some time. Actually if I don’t make it through this surgery, this will be my last post forever, like finished, done, gone. In that case, you will never hear from me again. I expect to be hospitalized for a week, with my first couple of days in the limbo land of Intensive Care. I won't take my computer so you'll be left wondering for about seven days if I'm coming back or not. I hate to leave you hanging, but of course, a little tension is always good for a story. That's about as accommodating as I can be. 

Meds:   Amiodarone, Cardizem,  Vayacog, Paxil, Pradaxa, Vitamin D, I-Caps, Flax seed oil, Multivitamin, B-12, Glucosoamine, Calcium, Garlic,Omega-3 Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Black Cohosh  

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